Back to School: A Document Management Cheat Sheet

Whether your business uses an integrated document management system or not, we’re sure you can think of many benefits of going paperless. However, you might not yet realize all the ways your company could profit. To best understand how you can take full advantage of a paperless solution, you need to wholly understand document management. Thereafter, you will be able to more easily evaluate and appreciate how the right system can be tailored to your organization to make business processes swifter, more efficient and more productive. Here’s a little refresher.

Most document management solutions do the following:

  • Secure documents in a repository
  • Capture paper documents, digital documents and any other electronic files
  • Process documents through a structured workflow process
  • Integrate with your ERP and other business systems for increased efficiency
  • Distribute documents automatically

And now for the extra credit:

If you have already implemented a document management solution, evaluate how well your solution carries out the aforementioned tasks. With the right system in place, you should be able to solve bottlenecks or delays by simply adjusting, reviewing, modifying or upgrading existing tools. As you evaluate, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Are work processes slowing down?
  • Do you have or need new employees and/or permissions?
  • When did you last review processes such as purchase order reconciliation?
  • How many licenses are in use, by whom and what for?
  • Have you removed outdated/unnecessary files from your database to maintain compliance?
  • Does it take longer than usual importing documents in?
  • Do you think it’s time to review workflows and business methods or processes within your organization?

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