Eliminate AP Invoice Bottlenecks

Integrated document management solutions allow companies to experience a sizable increase in productivity as paper-intensive tasks are eliminated from various departments and processes. Take accounts payable (AP) invoices, for instance. Your company may spend unnecessary time and money processing AP invoices; countless customers have reiterated how arduous the whole ordeal often is.

How many times has a fellow employee been out traveling, holding up the approval process while an invoice sits in an empty office?  How often have you had to rush a document cross-country to the corporate office so that it can be signed and then returned to you? These familiar bottlenecks can be eliminated! Go paperless, and you will save time and have greater financial control of your AP invoice process.

With a document management system in place, you can:

  1. Electronically process an invoice through the proper channels without wasting time and money mailing, faxing, copying or manually shipping documents
  2. “Stamp” an invoice with approval or disapproval (it just takes a click!)
  3. Easily track the status of an invoice instead of playing that guessing game in which you wonder who has a file or how it got lost
  4. Index documents so that you can quickly pull up an invoice—or any supporting documents—with any of its index values

AP processing capabilities like those mentioned above will allow you to reallocate funds and employees to much more cost- and time-efficient tasks. Make your current paper-related headaches a distant memory; go paperless!