These 4 Companies Need Document Management. Does Yours?

Organizations across all sorts of vertical markets have saved money and grown business by optimizing their ERP solutions with integrated document management. Read below for a quick look at four very common indicators that you too could benefit by going paperless!

1. If your company has three or more people working in the Accounting Department, your business most likely processes a good volume of invoices! Your approval process probably involves multiple steps and might not offer document visibility throughout. Approvals can be expedited and better managed with automated workflow.

2. If your company has more than one office location or many remote employees, you might be spending a fair sum of money moving that paper between locations. Plus, you and your coworkers surely suffer the pain of not being able to easily access documents. By going paperless, you can eliminate unnecessary courier and postage expenses—and your employees can spend their time on more productive efforts than the collating, folding and licking of papers and envelopes.

3. If your company uses off-site storage facilities, you’re also spending funds that could be used elsewhere! Anyone familiar with the hectic process of pulling out those files will definitely appreciate the ease with which you can access and share documents in an electronic repository.

4. If you company is in a highly-regulated industry such as healthcare, food and beverage or manufacturing, you and your coworkers likely adhere to strict requirements related to the storage, access and processing of files. This time-consuming process can be completely changed with workflow, output automation and tight file security and history provided by integrated document management.

If your organization falls under any of the categories above and you have questions, let us know! We can connect with you personally on the phone, provide informational materials or simply direct you to our next educational webinar.