Automate Your Workflows Like Falling Dominos

Domino toppling is an art form that takes planning, precision and perseverance. But if you get things just right the results are incredible!

The same could be said for workflow automation – reducing or eliminating human intervention to streamline any of your business processes can result in untold amounts of time savings. So what is it exactly?

Workflows occur across every kind of business and industry and are a sequence of tasks that result in a completed job. Workflow automation takes it a step further, removing some or all of the manual steps included in these processes.

So why should you automate your workflows? You’ve been doing things manually forever and the work gets done, right?

The primary issue with manual processes is that they can easily disrupt and slow your operations. There’s no visibility about where documents are within a process, and bottlenecks and inefficiencies can grind your business to a halt.

There’s simply no need to continue using your time on repetitive manual tasks. Our document management and process automation solution DocLink is the answer to your inefficiency problem.

DocLink can eliminate all your paper files by helping you go paperless and digitize all your documents. But DocLink is more than just a digital repository – its configurable workflow capabilities enable you to automate your processes. You can essentially reduce human intervention and errors with DocLink’s touchless abilities, allowing you and your teams to focus on more strategic, value-added projects.

“We’ve been able to reduce our invoice processing times by about 70% and our AP person used to only do AP. But now with DocLink, they can process so many more invoices because of our growth, and they’re able to do it in about half the time as before. Now they have time to take on other jobs and projects in accounting and other departments.” Methodist Family Health

Let’s use accounts payable as an example – since a majority of AP tasks are redundant, automating these processes can improve productivity instantly.

First, when an invoice is received, whether by snail mail or email, it can be captured into DocLink. From there, the system can automatically send it through pre-configured workflows for indexing and approvals. Rules, notifications and alerts to approvers and managers ensure that the invoice keeps moving. Once approved, the invoice automatically is sent for payment. Most importantly, every document related to that invoice (ie PO, sales order, receipts, etc.) is captured in DocLink, where everything is visible and searchable by any user. Invoices are no longer misplaced or lost, and late payment fees are a thing of the past.

The benefits of automating your workflows are undeniable:

  • less time spent on tedious, repetitive, manual tasks and more time available for strategic endeavors
  • vital access to information so employees can be more efficient
  • greater visibility into important activities that can affect your bottom line
  • full audit trail, an end-to-end picture of every step in the process

In many instances, companies also find that implementing workflow automation forces them to make organizational and process changes that can lead to improvements and optimizations in other business areas.

“We can now process an ever-increasing volume of invoices and payments without hiring another accounting clerk, saving us $40,000 annually.” Thornburg Investment Management

Like domino toppling, automating your workflows takes commitment – you’ve got to find a solution and take the time to implement it But the result will absolutely change the way you work!

To learn more about DocLink and how it can automate your processes in AP and other departments, contact us today to schedule a call or demonstration.