Getting to Know DocLink – Jerry Ulrich, Customer Account Manager

We’ve grown our client success team over the past year to ensure we have a strong group focused on helping customers get the most out DocLink. With that, we’re highlighting one of our newest team members, Jerry Ulrich, for our Getting to Know DocLink blog series. Based out of Boise, Idaho where he lives with his wife and two children, Jerry joined the company as a Customer Account Manager and is a valuable addition. Read on to learn more about him!

What did you do before landing at DocLink by Beyond Limits?

I’ve been in sales my entire career. Most recently I was with mobile products company BMobile for 9 years, and before that I was with ERP provider Cougar Mountain for over 10 years.

Funny enough, I fell into sales as a young adult. I was hired to sell miscellaneous items to office employees. So I’d go into the company office and they’d fill my backpack with random items – from comb and brush sets to Disney books or toys – and I went out on foot to try and sell these items on the street, in offices, really wherever there were people. I just had to sell what I was in my backpack. Talk about sales training! It was hard, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.  I learned early on  how to read a room and how to get someone’s attention quickly, which is a huge accomplishment.

What made you want to go into sales?

That first sales job peddling items from my backpack showed me I had a knack for it. I can talk to people easily in the most difficult situations so my next jobs were in telemarketing, setting up appointments selling vinyl windows and calling contractors to sell tools. I learned it’s not what you say but how you say it. I’m a very conversational kind of person, it’s not just about the sale for me but also getting to know the people you’re selling too. People seem to gravitate to my sales style and I’ve been fairly successful with it.

What attracted you to DocLink by Beyond Limits?

I was introduced to the company by a former coworker who knew Kevin Dudevoir (Director of Sales). From that conversation and discussions with several others in the company I could see that both the team and the company atmosphere was someplace I could fit in. The team is really enthusiastic about the work they’re doing with customers and it felt like a family from the get-go. I was also impressed with DocLink and was excited at the opportunity to work with such a cutting-edge technology solution.

What do you like most about your career?

I definitely enjoy talking to people and building relationships. I like learning about people, and their processes – what they do on a daily basis and how what I’m pitching will help make their jobs easier. The relationship aspect to me is such an important aspect of the job I do, in fact I still stay in touch with, and have become friends with many of the customers and accounts I worked with 15 years ago.

What are your responsibilities at DocLink by Beyond Limits?

I’m responsible for working with our existing customers on the East Coast, fielding their inquiries and checking in with them proactively to make sure they are getting the most out DocLink. This includes educating them about our DocLink University classes, free education materials on our portal and discussing how some of our modules can help them work more efficiently. There’s so much that DocLink can do and I’m focused on helping our customers maximize what they already own.

What’s the most interesting customer interaction you’ve had so far?

Funny story – I was screen sharing with a customer and my 7-year-old son came barging in just wearing underwear! He wanted to ask me a question and, like a typical kid was oblivious to my video call. I apologized profusely to the customer and thankfully they understood!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a huge sports fanatic and I love spending time and playing sports with my wife Bobi and my kids Jordan and Jacey. We enjoy basketball and my daughter is also playing club volleyball. I also fell in love with golf many years ago and I really enjoy getting them out on the golf course. Being on the course with the birds singing, enjoying the sunshine is my happy place and hopefully I make a few good shots too. I play once a week on average which is never enough. Luckily my daughter has decided to play golf on her high school team and I am more than happy to help her practice! I mean, it’s my job as her Dad to support her endeavors, right?!

I’m also a die-hard Chicago Bears and Bulls fan. I have great memories watching sports with my Dad and back then both teams were at the peak of their success. I’ve never been to Chicago but I have always rooted for them.

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Definitely the Bahamas, or somewhere equally tropical. I’ve been to the Bahamas once and the white sandy beaches are just gorgeous. I have always lived in Idaho so the idea of living somewhere tropical just sounds like paradise.

What 3 words or phrases would you use to describe yourself?

  1. Outgoing – I can talk to anyone
  2. Adventurous – thrill-seeker, like to get the adrenaline going
  3. FANatic – addicted to sports

What’s the top 3 most used apps on your phone?

  1. ESPN
  2. NFL
  3. Woody (block puzzle brain game)