DocLink Can Do What No ERP Can – Automate Document Delivery

Statistics show that the average office worker sends 40 emails per day. It doesn’t seem like much, since email has become a major communications tool in our daily business lives. But crafting just one email can be a time-consuming task. For example, consider the steps accounts receivable takes to send an invoice to a customer:

  1. Create/address the email
  2. Locate the invoice and attach
  3. Locate any additional documents that the customer requires be sent with the invoice and attach
  4. Send the email off

You might think, “What’s so hard about that?” Well, when you have to do this manually every time you send an invoice – whether your company sends tens or hundreds of invoices monthly – it can be quite labor intensive.

You might retort, “Well AR can automate distributing invoices directly from their ERP system.” That’s true for most ERPs. But no ERP can automate invoice distribution AND include other documents with the invoice – they’re only able to automate distribution of one document at a time.

But DocLink can.

DocLink’s Distribution Pack module (includes Output Manager and Supplemental Docs) makes distributing your documents to customers, vendors, partners and coworkers so easy. Automated distribution doesn’t require any additional work for you, it’s no touch output of your documents.

The end result? Eliminating human intervention in this process allows you to distribute invoices faster – and most importantly, so you get paid faster.


DocLink’s Distribution Pack helps close the accounting automation loop with the ability to automate the distribution of ANY document using preconfigured routing lists and distribution methods.

For example, when an invoice in your ERP is ready to send to a customer, DocLink already automatically captures and brings it into the DocLink repository using OCR, ERM, etc. That invoice becomes the trigger for DocLink’s Output Manager to then automatically distribute the invoice to the preconfigured routing list however each recipient prefers (email/fax/ftp/file copy/printer). The list could include anyone, and there’s no limit to how many people can receive the documents, from the customer who’s paying the invoice to the internal sales person managing that account. Also, you can schedule the distribution to go out at any specific day/time as well.

If the recipient requires that other documents accompany the invoice in order for it to be paid, DocLink’s Supplemental Docs does this crucial task for you too. DocLink easily relates various documents based on index properties and joins them together for distribution.

Customers who use Distribution Pack in AR have seen significant efficiencies with its no-touch output capabilities. They use it to automatically distribute not only invoices, but POs, order acknowledgements, monthly statements and more.

Automatic distribution of supplemental documents has also become a powerful tool to many. Whether they’re including the PO, signed delivery tickets, bill of lading, etc., their AR team no longer has to remember to send the documents or react to customer requests, resulting in more proactive and timely customer communications.


DocLink’s Distribution Pack also offers your company a simple way for other departments beyond accounting to benefit by using DocLink as well. DocLink can store any document from any application – ERP, CRM, HR software, and more. This means Excel spreadsheets, any crystal report, reports from MS SQL reporting service, and so on.

DocLink’s repository can store these files for any department, including:

  • HR – 1099s, benefit enrollments docs, etc.
  • Legal – contracts
  • Sales – proposals, order statuses, order confirmations

Just like with invoices, the automation you set up that saves these documents to DocLink can trigger distributing these documents to contacts on their preconfigured routing lists. You’ve already setup automation for saving these documents to DocLink, so why not automate their distribution as well?

As you can see DocLink does MUCH more than just AP automation, making it an attractive option for companies looking to automate manual tasks. Give your teams time back in their day to focus on more strategic initiatives that can propel your company forward.

To learn more about DocLink and how it can automate your processes in AP and other departments, contact us today to schedule a call or demonstration.