What’s That Smell? Hear About This and More From a Digital Transformation Early Adopter

There’s a definitive scent smell that adheres to old paper. Many book lovers appreciate the smell of paper inside old books, but accountants? Not so much.

In fact, when Smart City eliminated all of their paper by implementing DocLink, they couldn’t believe how much better their office smelled. Fresh and clean replaced dingy and musty because they were able to remove years-worth of documents in filing cabinets that lined their office walls.

That’s just one of the revelations uncovered when our President and COO Don Howren sat down (virtually) with long-time customer Calene Kozma from Smart City and NexTec’s Dan Reilly.

Their conversation was captured in our most recent podcast titled, “An Early Adopter’s Digital Transformation Experience,” highlighting Smart City’s path toward going paperless and digital.  This discussion combines three unique perspectives and experiences that listeners can learn from as they navigate through their own transformation journeys.

The trio covers what digital transformation means, and the secret is no secret – it doesn’t mean the same for everyone. Regardless of what you do and the steps you take, it requires changing the way people work, which is the hardest change to make.

It took Calene and her team over a year to convince management to tackle their paper problem, but once they did, she concentrated on just going paperless with DocLink. They also focused on one single process to improve – invoice tracking. Once they successfully demonstrated value and time savings by automating accounts payable, it was much easier to tackle other processes with others inside the company now on-board. Since then they’ve tried to add one more thing each year to their DocLink arsenal, which she covers throughout the discussion.

Through it all, NO ONE was allowed to say, “that’s how we’ve always done it.” By sticking to that mantra, Smart City unknowingly became a digital transformation early adopter, and the lessons they learned can certainly inspire others.

Listen to our podcast, and contact us today to learn how you too can use DocLink to kickstart your digital transformation.