BYOD Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does!

Mobile devices and apps have become a way of life for most of us. In fact, there’s 6.648 billion smartphone users in the world today, or 83.72% of the world’s population. 😮

And whether you’re using a web browser or accessing your documents using a workplace app, Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is the evolving trend of employees using their personal devices for work purposes.

BYOD, which allows employees to do work on their private tablets and smartphones, signifies a huge trend that is changing our workplace culture. The ability to use your own devices to perform your work duties can have dramatic effects for both users and employers alike.

According to a recent article:

  • BYOD generates $350 of value each year per employee
  • 87% of businesses are dependent on their employee’s ability to access mobile business apps from their smartphone

There’s definite value for employers, but employees also benefit. Increased flexibility can make for a more motivated workforce, and using personal devices to access the key resources they need to get their work done from anywhere increases satisfaction and productivity.

So, which should your company use – mobile workplace apps or Web browsers? The answer is BOTH.

For example, DocLink Web and Mobile each offer different benefits, but together can streamline a company’s work across multiple departments.

DocLink Web

The biggest benefit of DocLink Web is the massive reduction in IT resources required to manage DocLink since it no longer has to be installed and managed on every single device. Using DocLink with a web browser means no more installations and updates are automatic. Employees simply use a DocLink URL and they are up and working in seconds. Think about what IT could be doing for your organization by not having to manage DocLink. And how easy it can be for users without having to log onto the VPN remotely for DocLink access. The time and cost savings for IT, admins and users can be substantial.

DocLink Mobile

Built for use on a smartphone or tablet, DocLink Mobile allows you to access the documents you need on-the-go. Providing an effortless experience, users can quickly search and retrieve data on the fly, capture and upload documents and images, and submit approvals from anywhere. Travelling staff on business or pleasure can effectively keep documents flowing through time-sensitive processes.

How Do Companies Use DocLink Web and Mobile?

Many of our customers have implemented DocLink Web for its ease-of-use and management as mentioned above. For example, DocLink customer OrthoVirginia implemented DocLink Web seamlessly. Ted Kraje, IT Systems Engineer commented, “The full web client is tremendous, most everyone in our organization is using it now instead of the Smart Client. It has made IT’s job so much easier not to have to install the client, we simply provide the DocLink URL and they are connected and working instantaneously. We’ve been using DocLink for years and the benefits we’ve experienced have been huge.”

Customers have also maximized DocLink Web in other ways:

  • Some have used its accessibility to streamline new employee onboarding, providing access to documents in the DocLink repository to new hires as they complete their paperwork.
  • Some have used DocLink to create an external portal using DocLink Web, so that vendors can access and quick search their own history of invoices and payments.

As for DocLink Mobile, it’s become an essential app that has helped many of our customers keep their processes flowing by providing the information they need at their fingertips:

  • If you receive a call from a client, you can easily search for the document to provide them with an immediate answer.
  • You’ll no longer be the hold-up when an invoice needs to be approved – you can review supporting documents, apply notes and send the document onto the next status, all from your phone.

DocLink Mobile also simplifies the expense report process by enabling employees to upload and code receipt images in seconds so that reports can be completed in DocLink. For example, DocLink customer Methodist Family Health experienced a 50% reduction in expense report processing times with DocLink Mobile. Historically, expense reporting was a very manual process which required significant amounts of documentation (credit card slips, etc.) for verification. Now with DocLink Mobile, card holders capture receipt images using their phone camera and add them to their expense report automatically using the DocLink Mobile app.

Document management capabilities become even more valuable to an organization when you enable your employees to work from anywhere, and taking advantage of BYOD is one way to obtain maximum results. If you’re planning to implement DocLink, or you’re a DocLink customer who wants to maximize what you already own, consider adding both DocLink Web and Mobile for greater efficiencies.

Reach out to us for more information about DocLink and our Web and Mobile capabilities.