Can DocLink Automate Purchase Requisitions? Absolutely!

If you’re looking for an AP automation solution to extend the power of your ERP, odds are it’s because you can’t:

  • find documents easily (on paper or various data silos)
  • complete tasks quickly (too much time keying and re-keying data)
  • process invoices for approval promptly (documents get misplaced or lost)
  • see what’s in process (limited workflow visibility)

We agree, going paperless and automating AP is essential in today’s digital world. But why implement a point solution that only solves one problem when DocLink can automate your processes in EVERY department?!

DocLink is usually implemented in AP first. But our customers quickly learn that DocLink’s powerful repository, combined with its incredible automated indexing and workflow capabilities, can simplify processes throughout their company. Let’s look at accounts receivable and purchase requisitions.

Every company has their own way of processing orders, but most use some type of requisition form, on paper or digitally, as evidence of approval. The process:

  1. helps companies spend within budget
  2. minimizes invoice fraud risks
  3. enables decision makers to be in control of their budgets

The problem is that companies still using paper-based systems typically spend a lot of time filing (and losing) PO request forms. The same could be said for digital req forms that aren’t easily accessible by others.

That’s where DocLink can help. One of DocLink’s most unique features is its Smart Forms, which allows users to create their own personalized electronic forms in DocLink for collecting data used to process documents.

In this instance, a Smart Form can be created to collect the data you need to submit a purchase requisition. The Smart Form can include freeform fields, drop downs, lookups, check boxes and calculations, so your options are endless for the data you can collect. Once the form is complete, instead of having to print and physically submit or email it, DocLink automatically puts it into digital workflow and routes it for approval.

Approvers can easily and quickly approve the requisition in-office or out using the DocLink Web client or Mobile app. Then when approvals are complete, the req is stored in DocLink and auto generates PO creation in your ERP.

Similar to your traditional invoice approval process, fields completed in the purchase req can be indexed to other documents, i.e. the PO, invoice, packing list, delivery ticket, etc., so all documents are linked and easily searchable/accessible in the DocLink repository.

Check out our short 2-minute video to see for yourself how it works.

And reach out to us to discuss how we can help you maximize Doclink for your purchase requisitions today.