Celebrate your Freedom from Paper this Independence Day

This weekend, Americans will celebrate America’s 247th birthday with barbeques, fireworks, and get-togethers. 

The 4th of July is a sacred holiday in America, celebrating its independence from Great Britain in 1776. On this day, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, building the foundation for the country that America is today.

So, what does this holiday have to do with going digital? There is a common theme – independence.

To be successful in the digital age, companies MUST gain their independence from paper. Paper is the enemy of efficiency, and companies that still relied on paper when the pandemic hit had difficulties continuing business with their employees working remotely. For this reason, digital transformation has accelerated, and businesses need to embrace technology to continue having a competitive advantage in their market.

How can DocLink help you go paperless? First and foremost, DocLink offers a powerful data repository to digitally store any document, in any file format, while linking appropriate files together for easy search and access. Furthermore, DocLink uniquely can be utilized enterprise-wide to help you gain efficiencies across the organization, such as automating workflows in accounts payable, sales order processing, HR, and contract management, to name a few. With DocLink, you can:

Get access to documents anytime and anywhere – With electronic documents and workflow automation tools, you can create and route documents to reach the right people, right away, and be able to retrieve information when needed.

Find information faster – Documents are easier to find when they are digital because of the ability to index by date, document type or other user-defined criteria. Full-text search makes finding what you need even easier.

Speed up approval processes – Collaboration is easier as you are able to share documents digitally for review and approval. Documents can be approved and routed to the next step quickly, reliably, and securely. This can speed up purchase requests, loan approvals, expense reports, contracts, and much more.

Automate manual processes – So much can be automated for greater efficiency, including routing information through a business process or workflow. You can build rules to route, distribute, and store data.

Automate data capture – Minimize keying and rekeying of data and improve data accuracy when various capture methods, including intelligent OCR, are utilized. You can index documents so they can be searched and accessed from anywhere.

Simplify document delivery – Using preconfigured triggers and alerts, you can automate document delivery to customers, partners or employees. Multiple documents can be bundled and sent together in a single email.

Check out a few of our DocLink customers who are no longer dependent on paper:

American Fruits and Flavors cut the time spent sending invoices by 90% by automating all manual AR invoicing, allowing them to grow without adding staff.

Aspen Square Management eliminated paper with DocLink and increased their AP volume by 43% without hiring more staff, saving approximately $100,000/year.

Explore! migrated 6 years of paper documents into DocLink, eliminating 100% paper mail and saving over $20,000 yearly on stationary purchases.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can gain your independence from paper, contact us today.