Break Up With Paper

No one thinks of Valentine’s Day as being a big breakup holiday – it’s supposed to be about celebrating your loved ones – but data from shows that break-up rates on and around Valentine’s Day is pretty high (much higher than April through November)!

Breakups are difficult, painful and sad.  But there’s one breakup that can make your life happier and so much easier…BREAK UP WITH PAPER!

Even in today’s technology-driven age, so many companies have serious document management problems:

  • Can’t find documents you need, can’t access them from wherever you are (in or outside office)
  • Too much paper/documents to manage – stored in multiple ways (file cabinets, storage facilities, silos or different servers)
  • Inefficient processes/workflows – how long does it take to get anything done? How long do approvals take?
  • Lack of visibility, security, & compliance– Is everything secure? Can you produce documents for your auditors?
  • Operational inefficiency – how much time is spent finding, retrieving, processing, distributing documents/data?

Break up with paper and start your digital transformation today with DocLink!  You’ll see immediate changes to everyone’s stress and happiness levels at work, and the benefits can be significant:

  • Eliminate paper and associated bottlenecks in areas like AP invoicing and contract approvals
  • Simplify processes by customizing forms (expense reports, credit card statements, HR onboarding, new vendor requests, etc.)
  • Increase control and visibility of transactions while eliminating key strokes
  • Automate the delivery of ANY documents and associated data from ANY department to customers, vendors, partners
  • Allow users to retrieve, edit and approve documents instantly and easily, from any device (mobile, web)

There’s an old song from Neil Sedaka titled, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.”  But what’s hard is continuing your love affair with paper.  Take steps to make your break today, check out our recent video on digital transformation and contact us for a DocLink demo.