Celebrating National Camera Day with DocLink and Document Capture

Even as recent as 25 years ago, no one thought they’d be carrying a cell phone everywhere, much less one with a camera that can capture amazing photos and videos. In combination with National Camera Day today, we thought it would be fun to relate cameras to the capture functionality of a document management solution. 

Cameras are an important part of our lives, allowing us to document special moments, silly moments, milestones moments and more. Likewise, document capture is an important part of a document management solution as a natural first step of going paperless.

Cameras and Capture

What used to be a bulky and complicated tool that required professional, trained expertise to use can now be obtained in a pocket-sized phone that anyone can easily operate and is taken with you everywhere you go. Remember the many different types of cameras: from large and medium format film cameras, Polaroids, SLR cameras, compact point-and-shoot… all of which have now morphed into digital formats of these cameras. Obviously, the evolution of the camera body reflects changing times and advances in technology.

Similarly, document management systems and their capture functionality have evolved and improved over the years. The first systems from the 1980s only managed paper-based, printed documents and a scanner was used to capture the documents.  They developed further to document imaging systems that managed a limited number of local file formats.  Today, document management systems are more sophisticated, can do more and offer more capabilities and convenience for the user.

Modern systems like DocLink can capture, index and store any type of file format – from image files like jpgs, tiff, pdf as well as data files, video files, audio files, etc.  If it’s in digital format or can be digitized, DocLink can store it.  And because it’s been indexed when brought into the system, you are able to easily search and retrieve your data when you need it, send it through workflow, or deliver it out to your customers or vendors electronically.

Business Capture Benefits

Like a camera captures your memories into an image or photo, a document management system is able to capture your business documents; and both can be indexed so you can process it and share it. In business, this equates to huge time and cost savings benefits, such as:

  • No more printing, copying, filing, and matching documents manually.
  • Save time on reconciliations, manage by exception rather than by looking at every single document and input.
  • Streamline paper-based matching (ex. PO against packing list) no matter the style – project-based, three-way matching, two-way matching, etc.

DocLink Capture Options

DocLink’s versatility in document capture allows your business to bring in documents from a wide variety of sources: 

  1. EMAIL & FAX: Email messages and attachments can be indexed into DocLink automatically with static data (top-level folder, document type, properties and workflow status) and dynamic data (email address, sent date, subject, and attachment name)
  2. ERM: Enterprise Report Manager (ERM) facilitates the automated capture, indexing and archiving of printed output from ERP or other business systems.
    • For example, you create a quote – doesn’t matter what format, in your ERP, in excel worksheet, in another system.  Using ERM you can capture the image of the quote and all the data along with that quote and store it into DocLink,
  3. SCAN: Using a scanner you can capture electronic images to be indexed into DocLink. 
    • Users can also batch-scan documents and associate a meaningful name with that batch.
  4. BARCODE: Barcode capabilities enable barcode recognition and automatic indexing of TIF and PDF files into the DocLink system by reading information contained in a barcode.
  5. OCR; The smart technology behind Optical Character Recognition (OCR) takes capture one step further by intelligently recognizing alphanumeric characters.  It ‘reads’ the data on your documents and recognizes information on scanned documents and captures the appropriate index property values and uses it for processing, increasing efficiency and reducing transaction processing costs.

On top of the many ways to capture information Into DocLink in the office, you can even capture files and photos such as expense receipts, or images, from your mobile phone. Whether you’re out in the field or in the office, you can upload to DocLink from anywhere, at any time.  That’s how far capture capabilities have come.

So on this National Camera Day, go out and capture some memories with your camera and if you’re interested in learning more about DocLink’s capture capabilities, contact us at or give us a call at 800-997-9921 x1255.