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Freight Management Company Maintains Business During Pandemic with DocLink’s Remote Capabilities

With Covid still raging, many businesses have had to continue adapting to the constant changes in policies, recommendations, and rules. The constant change and lack of control can be frustrating, but DocLink has been instrumental in helping our customers relieve some of the stress of managing a newly-defined workforce of in-office and remote employees. Altec customer Pinder’s Customs Brokerage is a prime example of how DocLink helped them seamlessly and easily transition to a remote workforce at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown.

DocLink Solution

Pinder’s typically processes approximately 10,000 shipments per year for its 500+ clients. The business used to heavily rely on massive amounts of paper, and their ability to manage documents and see where a document was within the shipping process resulted in significant operational efficiencies throughout the organization.

DocLink was able to eliminate the paper and many manual processes, giving the company greater visibility and management of all its shipments. Everyone can now access the documents they need to do their jobs digitally. Benjamin Pinder, Business Applications Programmer for the family-owned company states, “Our people can instantaneously have all the documents they need, at their fingertips, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.”

Pinder’s Success During the Pandemic

The company’s use of DocLink came in extremely handy when the pandemic hit earlier this year. Remote access is an inherent capability of DocLink – and Pinder’s, like many DocLink customers, were able to maintain business continuity throughout.

Pinder commented, “If we had not designed and implemented DocLink to the extent we did, I don’t really know how we could’ve managed this crisis. We have people from basically all departments working remotely and not needing a physical document at all. Having everyone work remotely has been barely a blip on our workflow, we’ve been able to continue moving shipments through our business really easily.”

If your company has had difficulties accessing your critical business data remotely, DocLink may be the solution for you. Eliminating paper and digitally storing all your documents is the first step, but DocLink does so much more by automating workflows and streamlining all your vital document processes. DocLink offers limitless visibility and control, allowing you to manage all your documents, data, and processes effortlessly – from anywhere.

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