A Company First: Altec Sponsors Leigh Steinberg’s 30th Annual Super Bowl Party


How will you spend your upcoming weekend? We’ll be at a Super Bowl party – for work! 

This Saturday, February 4th, Altec will sponsor the 30th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party at Hughes Manor in Houston, Texas. Each year, the event draws an elite group of attendees including influential celebrities, athletes, and industry leaders. One highlight of the party is the announcement of the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Award winners. The award is designed by Leigh Steinberg, acclaimed professional sports figure, and partner Cosmo DeNicola, owner and operator of Cosmo DeNicola Companies – which includes Amtech Software, to commemorate members of the NFL community for their humanitarian efforts.

We’re definitely excited to join the fun. Altec will share with attendees how a powerful solution like DocLink document management allows organizations to transform outdated business practices to increase efficiency in the workplace. Streamlining document routing and automating workflows supports corporate compliance while providing secure and easy access to all documents.

Amtech Software is also happy to have Altec partake in the Super Bowl party for the first time. DeNicola comments, “Amtech has long partnered with Altec, providing our customers with their strong solution to take companies paperless. We look forward to strengthening our relationship and are pleased to have Altec join this annual event.”

While we can’t predict with certainty the outcome of Sunday’s game, we do know that going paperless with DocLink is always a win for your team!

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