Valentine’s Day May Have Passed, but You Can Still Share the Love with Your Coworkers

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Many celebrated Valentine’s Day this week, a day associated with love. Do you remember your grade school years, when students brought candy or valentines for all of their classmates? Even here at the Altec office, one very kind employee delivered homemade cookies to each of her coworkers.

Why limit acts like these to the holidays when you can share the love with your coworkers year-round?

A document management and workflow solution integrated to your ERP – such as DocLink – is a fantastic present for your workplace. Instead of hunting down files in the office, paying expensive storage fees, and wasting money on postage, the files critical to your organization would be available at employees’ fingertips. A marketing manager who does not have an ERP user license would not have to ask Accounting to find an invoice for him; he could simply serve himself by looking in the DocLink repository! Your business processes would benefit as well. DocLink eliminates bottlenecks and instead automates those processes to help you save time and make money.

With DocLink Mobile, you can extend and amplify the benefits of document management to give your coworkers the gift of greater freedom.

No longer tied down to one office, employees can be efficient from any site or office. Documents are not be forgotten as folks are out traveling for work. With DocLink Mobile, users can:

– Access details they need from anywhere

– Perform quick, remote approvals

– Capture and upload while on-the-go

Say an employee receives an important file via email. DocLink Mobile enables her to index it to DocLink straight from her mobile device. Perhaps your traveling or field services staff needs to catalogue photos (like damage or an issue during a site visit). With DocLink Mobile, they can snap photos on their phones and upload to the DocLink repository from there.

The freedom to work smarter – and from anywhere – is a gift your company will love. And whether DocLink Mobile sounds like a match made in heaven or you just want a few questions answered, let us know here.