DocLink Can Help You PIVOT Your Way Through 2021

It’s crystal clear to anyone on Earth as to why Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2020 was pandemic. No other word succinctly describes what happened last year, and unfortunately as we head into 2021 the pandemic continues to impact everyone, in every way, with no real end in sight.

We’ve all had to make changes personally – from quarantining and wearing masks to social distancing and socializing via Zoom. Shopping is different, so is going to school. And vacations? Nope. We could make a never-ending list of all that’s changed. It’s not been easy, but the human spirit to survive has been demonstrated by many.

Businesses have also had to change. Back in March, many companies sent employees home to work with the idea that it was a short-term situation, and everyone did what they could to keep business flowing. But weeks turned into months, and now the landscape of what constitutes an office – and where employees work – has forever changed.

So how are companies surviving?

They’re having to pivot.

Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, coined the phrase business pivot. He tweeted in 2012 that a pivot was “a change in strategy without a change in vision.” His words have never rang truer as companies are realizing they have to change their workforce strategy – they need to pivot to find ways to support and manage this new combination of both in-office and remote employees.

That’s where a solution like DocLink comes in.

DocLink’s document management and process automation capabilities allow companies to go paperless and become digital entities, a necessity in today’s world. But it’s not just a matter of digitizing and electronically storing documents, it’s having a system in place that allows you to:

  • access the data you need instantaneously, from wherever you are
  • reduce human errors by minimizing manual data entry, reconciliations and matching
  • streamline and automate processes including invoices, expense reports, sales order processing, contracts, etc.
  • improve visibility and reporting by monitoring workflow statuses and automated audit trails

Most importantly, DocLink inherently provides the flexibility companies need to support their new distributed workforce. Many of our customers have outright stated that they wouldn’t be in business today without DocLink.

One customer stated, “We have been fully functional with our teams working from home.  We can continue to process invoices, approve, etc.  We can also continue to review workflows, approve jobs, etc.”

Another commented, “Having DocLink during the COVID crisis has been a God send. Our whole accounting department was able to work from home without any setbacks.”

Pinder’s Custom Brokerage said, “If we had not designed and implemented DocLink to the extent we did, I don’t really know how we could’ve managed this crisis. We have people from basically all departments working remotely and not needing a physical document at all. If we didn’t have this system in place we would have had significant, SIGNIFICANT challenges. Having everyone work remotely has been barely a blip on our workflow, we’ve been able to continue moving shipments through our business really easily.”

While 2020 was definitely one for the history books, put last year squarely in your rearview mirror and make 2021 your year to pivot. DocLink can help you maintain and grow your business by enabling your teams to work effectively and efficiently – from wherever they are.

Join us for our webinar, How to Digitally Manage Your Documents for a More Efficient Workforce, later this month to learn more. Or contact us to schedule a call or demo.