Protect Your Data with Document Management

With the growing access to information today, data privacy is at the top of everyone’s mind. Whether shopping online or sending a document through email, there is always the question: “How safe is the information I just provided?”

Data privacy is of paramount importance for consumers and organizations worldwide as it safeguards sensitive information, fosters trust between parties, and protects against potential breaches and misuse of data.

Document management solutions like DocLink are an essential tool to help organizations protect not only their own information, but the information of their customers, employees, and vendors. Every business handles classified information to some extent, and doing what you can to safeguard that information is important to maintaining the credibility of your business. 

So how can DocLink help protect your company information? One simple way is by securely storing all of your data and documents digitally. Not only does this drastically decrease the number of misplaced files, but it also allows you to provide controlled, easy access to your data and allows for easier backups both on- and off-site. 

Beyond storing documents in one place, permissions are a key way that DocLink can help protect sensitive data. It allows your IT administrator to define a user’s permitted access to data and documents on a very granular level. Documents viewable to one person may differ from one’s co-workers or managers.

DocLink provides users visibility to documents and their statuses, giving you control over your documents and allowing you to be proactive if issues arise. Audit trails track which user has accessed a document and what tasks they performed from viewing, saving, downloading and even emailing it out (and to whom).

Taking advantage of the latest technology such as cloud can also greatly improve the security of your information as many of these solutions take advantage of best-in-class security protocols. For instance, DocLink Cloud provides industry-standard security including proactive monitoring, security management, encrypted data transmissions, and consistent, scheduled data backups. This level of information security management protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

As you can see there are many ways that DocLink can help safeguard company data. Read how our customer Sta-Home Health utilizes DocLink to ensure they remain in compliance with HIPAA standards and keep their patient data protected. And if you’re ready to take the next step with DocLink, contact us today.