Ensure Your New Year’s Resolution is Completed!

Did you make any resolutions on January 1st?  And did they already fall flat?  It’s not unusual.  According to FranklinCovey, 35% of us who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of January.  And only 23 percent of everyone who makes a resolution will see it through to completion.

According to a recent article, there are 3 stumbling blocks that typically hold us back from reaching our self-improvement goals.  The second one is key – kicking the can down the road through perfectionist procrastination.  What this means is not taking action until your plan is perfect.  But, as we all know, nothing and no one is perfect!

So how can you still be successful in your resolutions for 2019?  You’ve still got time to re-evaluate and re-state your objectives, and focus on goals that can be attained.  For instance, corporations are all abuzz about making a digital transformation, which is warranted as the benefits to your company can be endless.  But that’s a big task, one that can take years to accomplish in every department of your company.  But you certainly can be successful taking the initial steps in this process.

Much of making a digital transformation is trial and error.  There is no specific path that every company can and should take.  But the first step should be the same for everyone and it can be accomplished within 2019.  How you ask?  By going paperless.

The best place to start is in accounts payable, but why?  Because no other department in your company manages so many documents.  And these documents are still probably stored in disparate methods such as file cabinets or network file shares.  That means that not everyone can access, or even find, the documents they need to be effective and efficient in their jobs.  Most AP departments are bogged down by paper invoices, packing slips, statements, and other vendor documents, which means invoices don’t get processed quickly, or often get lost, which means payments are late.  Overall, your company’s disorganized processes and workflows, lack of visibility and operational efficiencies are the difference between your company surviving versus thriving.

So how do you go paperless?  By implementing a document management solution like DocLink.  Our industry-leading DocLink is an essential process automation solution that significantly complements your ERP to enable you to begin taking everything digital in AP and beyond.  We have thousands of customers that have experienced how DocLink has delivered exceptional results, check out our Ruth’s Chris customer case study to see how they were able to reduce their AP closing process from several weeks to just a few days.

So, as you can see, you can be successful and complete your New Year’s resolutions, you just have to stop trying to be perfect and take the first step to move forward.  So contact us to schedule a demo and find out how we can help you keep your New Year’s resolution to begin making a digital transformation in 2019!