Gain YOUR Independence – From Paper!

Tomorrow the United States celebrates its 243rd birthday, the day our forefathers adopted the Declaration of Independence to proclaim their separation from Great Britain.  The 4th of July is one of the most significant national holiday for our country – the day the original Thirteen Colonies became the United States of America.

How did the colonists celebrate?  After years of pent-up frustration, the colonies let loose. There were mock funerals for King George III – rioting included statues of the king being torn down and melted into bullets, and his coat of arms used as kindling for bonfires.  After the chaos of 1776, the following year’s celebrations were much calmer, beginning much of what our traditions look like today.  Ships and streets were decked out in patriotic colors, people paraded through the streets celebrating, and a grand exhibition of fireworks completed the evening.

So what can companies learn from what the colonists experienced?  Take a cue from their bid for freedom and gain your independence from paper!

Right now many of you are chained and imprisoned by all the paper your company has to manage.  There’s not enough room to store it all, and finding a document to resolve internal or customer issues can take hours or days.  AP departments in particular are mired down with paper…a document management solution like DocLink can change that!

Going paperless and taking everything digital with DocLink significantly helps your AP functionality in so many ways:

  • Get access anytime and anywhere –With electronic documents and workflow automation tools, you can create and route documents to reach the right people, right away.  And be able to retrieve information when needed.
  • Find information faster – Documents are easier to find when they are digital because of the ability to index by date, document type or other user-defined criteria.  And full-text search makes finding what you need even easier.
  • Speed up approval process – Collaboration is easier as you are able to share documents digitally for review and approval.  Documents can be approved and routed to the next step quickly, reliably, and securely. This can speed up purchase requests, loan approvals, expense reports, contracts, and much more.
  • Automate manual processes – So much in AP can be automated for greater efficiency, including routing information through a business process or workflow.  You can build rules to route, distribute, and store data.
  • Automate data capture – Minimize rekeying of data and improve data accuracy when various capture methods, including OCR, are utilized.  You can index documents in all shapes and forms from anywhere.
  • Simplify document delivery – Securely provide key information to anyone (customers, internal audiences, etc.) in the format that they request. 

Today’s digital world requires that companies makes changes to stay competitive, and ending the stranglehold that paper has on you is a first step towards making a digital transformation.  This month remember the colonists’ battle and claim your freedom from paper!  Contact Altec today to find out how we can help you take everything digital!