The Year of the Metal Rat Will Be Strong, Prosperous and Lucky

This weekend begins the Lunar New Year – did you know that one-sixth of the world’s population celebrates this 15-day event?  Tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, the holiday is a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors.  And it’s a time to bring family together for feasting. 

Each New Year starts a new animal’s zodiac year, and 2020 is…the rat!  Though most people don’t consider rats adorable, the rat ranks first on the Chinese zodiac signs with characteristics of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, flexibility and vitality.  Those born under the Metal Rat tend to be reliable, and live a stable life.  They may hold some power and are able to turn unlucky events into fortune.

According to, the Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs.  Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This is also a great year for evolving. And those who plan to invest money in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future.

So how can you take these predictions and apply them to your business life?  The world is becoming more digitized and automated every day.  These predictions can be a guideline for what steps you and your company can take to remain competitive.

Show determination towards the goal to become a digital business.  Are you still drowning in paper? How much time do you spend looking for files?  And how long does it take to approve invoices?  All of these problems can be eliminated by going paperless.  Implementing a document management solution like DocLink can increase productivity, improve collaboration, and enable anyone in your organization to access the information they need anytime, from anywhere, and from any device.

DocLink can help your company evolve by streamlining your business infrastructure and processes.  How many manual errors are made in typing and re-typing data?  How much time could you save if all your documents were stored, linked, and easily accessible in a single repository?  DocLink extends the value of your ERP by linking your data/documents into your ERP and back again as transactional changes in the ERP occur.  DocLink can manage all of your document lifecycles from when a document is generated to the archiving of the documents for easy access and auditing purposes.  It allows you to:

  • capture and index documents in all shapes and forms from anywhere
  • deliver documents based on how the customer, vendor, person or printer wants to receive it
  • automate processes, such as an approval process, with our powerful workflow engine
  • search and retrieve documents much like Google, just type in a few key words or the values indexed on the document to find what you need

And DocLink isn’t just for helping automate processes in accounts payable.  DocLink uniquely can help you make a digital transformation and streamline processes throughout your company, including accounts receivable, HR, contract management, sales order processing and more.

So consider what the Chinese New Year has predicted for you, and kick off this new decade by investing in taking everything digital.  DocLink can help you go paperless and touchless in every department of your company.  Check out this video for more details, and contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.