Solving the Puzzle of Business Inefficiency with Document Management

Puzzles are excellent exercises to flex your brain. Whether it’s crosswords, jigsaw, Sudoku, mazes, optical illusions or other brain teasers, puzzles engage your brain in more ways than one. The act of working on puzzles helps you utilize both sides of your brain – improving memory, cognitive functions and problem-solving skills in the process. 

The Puzzle in Your Business Life

There’s a puzzling conundrum you probably experience every day.  In your personal lives, you can easily find almost anything you want, whether it’s a good place to eat, directions to that restaurant, best places to hike, upcoming concert tickets, etc. Yet, once in the office, it’s puzzling that you often don’t have visibility or easy access to your business information and data. You don’t seem to be able to find documents you need and waste hours looking for them.

If you really think about it and put your problem-solving skills to work, you’ll realize that this is an easy puzzle to solve – the key is a document management system.  Puzzles provide you with many advantages as they help you develop critical thinking skills, strengthen intelligence, and more; likewise, a document management system like DocLink can offer you many advantages, especially if you want to stay competitive in today’s corporate environment.

The Advantages of an Integrated Document Management Solution

Like a puzzle, start with the frame. First, you need to figure out what business issues or challenges you have.  These three simple questions can help you identify your issues and demonstrate the advantages you can gain with a document management solution.

1 – Do your current business processes require a lot of touching, moving, and filing of paper documents?  Are you losing documents? Can you put your hands on the documents in a timely fashion? What happens when a customer calls asking for documents – is it hard to find? Hard to get access to? What happens when you have to recreate them?

Advantages:  Taking everything digital by going paperless is a huge benefit.DocLink, whether on-premises or in the cloud, provides you with a secure central repository to store and manage all your business documents allowing for easy search and retrieval.  Not to mention cost savings for onsite/offsite storage or file cabinet space, paper/copier/toner, and courier/overnight which can equate to tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

2 – Are your approval processes manual and inefficient?  What does it take to get a document approved? How does a document arrive in your organization?

Advantages: DocLink and its ERP integration allows you to capture documents internally and externally from a variety of sources and through various methods such as scan, barcode, email, OCR. This single point of entry is a huge benefit. You can also configure your workflow to route and manage approvals processes based on your specific needs. And if someone’s on vacation, you can easily designate a temporary approver so no time is lost. Furthermore, with our GL Smart Form, users can create and fill out customizable forms that can be routed for approval before importing that data into the ERP helping to streamline processes like expense reporting, credit card reconciliation, new vendor requests, etc.

3 – Do you spend a lot of time doing data entry? How much time do you waste on data entry and filing? The moment a person touches a document, errors can happen. Would you like to reduce keystrokes and the frequency of mistakes? What could your business do with its freed time?

Advantages: DocLink’s tight integration with your ERP extends the value of your investment. Without a seamless integration, your alternative would be to do double entry or enter information into your ERP that doesn’t flow to your document management system. 

We know you’re always tasked to “do more with less.”  If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you should consider taking a look at DocLink.  Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of the technology out there that will help you be more efficient and streamline your business processes?

So that’s one puzzle solved. But you can always try out some of these brainteasing puzzles for fun!