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How are Laughing and Document Management Both Good For Your Health?

Laughing is good for you!  Laughing lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, reduces stress and burns calories and it is contagious, so we’ve got a few jokes for you:

I once spent 5 minutes trying to remove a photocopied image of a staple from a document.
Nothing worked until I xeroxed the staple remover.

Why were the classified documents crying?
They had very sensitive information.

What is a Word document’s least favorite blood type?

Are you laughing yet or rolling your eyes?

What do these jokes have in common?  It’s about documents which are an important part of any business. But are you still using manual, paper-based processes to run your business? That means you are probably wasting valuable time, money and resources… which is no laughing matter.

The pandemic significantly accelerated many companies plans to make a digital transformation and go paperless. And having the ability to support remote work with many companies staying virtual, or going to a hybrid work model, is a must. Therefore they need a solution that allows their employees to access their data from anywhere so they can do their jobs effectively.

DocLink’s document management capabilities can digitally transform your operations by automating and streamlining your transactions and vital document processes for increased visibility and efficiency. If you have DocLink, you’ll be able to: 

  • securely and centrally store, manage and access your vital documents which is especially important if you have multiple locations.
  • minimize data entry during processing of your invoices, leverage existing ERP data, reduce human error.
  • review documents remotely enabling a speedier approval and processing of your documents.
  • easily search and retrieve the documents you need without combing through files cabinets.

As you can see, DocLink is a lot like laughing – it can reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure because you won’t have to worry about finding that crucial missing document anymore.  And DocLink is contagious because once you see the benefits of going paperless in one department, you’ll want to deploy it in other departments as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about DocLink and how it can automate and streamline how you capture, process, retrieve and deliver all your documents. Contact us to help you start on your digital transformation journey.

And make sure to laugh a lot today, and make others laugh too!