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We’ve Launched DocLink University – New Training Courses for Customers at ALL Skill Levels

If there’s one positive that came from the pandemic, it’s that we’ve successfully taken our Advanced Admin Training (AAT) classes online and it’s more popular than ever with customers! Just last week we hosted a full class for our first virtual AAT of 2021. And now we’re ready to launch a complete training program and schedule that includes several new classes to help our customers, at all levels, be as efficient as possible using DocLink.

DocLink University expands our class offerings to help our customers maximize their DocLink solution. To accomplish this, we have mirrored many of the successful aspects of AAT, in particular limiting class size to maximize interaction and learning with our trainers. DocLink University now incorporates two tracks:

  1. Roles Based Classes
  2. Subject Based Classes
Role Based Classes
Focused on educating new and seasoned DocLink administrators, these classes include:
Subject Based Classes
Designed for proficient DocLink technical admins, these classes include:
DocLink Admin 01 (3 days)
We’ve slowed down the pace for new or non-technical DocLink admins and pulled essentials from our Advanced Admin Training to provide hands-on lessons focused on administrative basics. This class is designed to teach attendees how to manage their own system, including trouble-shooting and maintaining their environment. Learn how to complete everyday tasks, including:
• understanding document types & properties
• property lookups
• applying stamps & notes
• adding new users
• disabling accounts
• and more
Smart Form Toolkit (5 hours)
This class takes a deep dive into the complexities and value of the Smart Form Toolkit. DocLink’s Smart Form Toolkit uniquely allows you to personalize DocLink to fit your specific processes and needs with the ability to configure your own user interfaces. This class will focus on:
• page creation
• CSV import
• processing Smart Form
• Smart Form attachments
• customizing with company own logos, colors
Advanced Admin Training (5 days)
Become a DocLink technical expert and expand your capabilities beyond the basics. Our AAT class will focus on learning methods for creating new processes, building new workflows and using DocLink enterprise-wide in every department, from accounting and sales to HR and legal. Hands-on lessons will cover:
• Smart Form Toolkit
• Template Manager
• Data Manager
• Auto/Retro Index
• Import Manager
• Maintenance & Troubleshooting
• And more
Workflow (4 hours)
This class focuses on DocLink’s configurable workflow capabilities that help you manage the entire lifecycle of your critical documents and data. This deep-dive will provide instruction about:
• workflow options
• usage and configuration
• workflow supervisor & delegations

You won’t want to miss out on all the DocLink training options we now have!