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Healthcare Providers Go Paperless, Streamline Workflows and Increase Visibility with DocLink

Healthcare organizations inherently manage incredible amounts of documents and data including medical records, billing information, and other related paperwork that has to legally be maintained for at least 7 years. If these records are kept on paper that can be a HUGE storage and access problem in every department.

A document management solution like DocLink can be a vital tool for companies in the healthcare realm, delivering significant benefits including:

Cost savings – Most healthcare companies have rooms in their offices dedicated to storing files and have to pay for offsite storage for older files. With DocLink you’ll not only save on storage costs, but think about how much you’ll save by no longer purchasing and supporting printers and copiers to support this manual process? The hidden costs of maintaining paper files can be astronomical.

Time savings – Receiving, opening, processing, distributing, retrieving and storing physical documents takes immeasurable time. For example, the process of paying a single invoice could take weeks or months to complete if approvers are geographically distributed. DocLink allows you to receive invoices electronically and automate distribution for approvals using predetermined workflows, eliminating human error and speeding up the process immensely.

Productivity growth – imagine if your AP department no longer had to look through multiple filing cabinets for a single document, or manually key and re-key the same data over and over? DocLink eliminates the human error associated with misplacing documents, or mistyping the wrong PO number during manual matching. And everyone can access the documents they need instantaneously without having to search a sea of files.

Sage customer Methodist Family Health has experienced all of these benefits and more by implementing DocLink in their AP department. They’ve reduced their invoice processing times by 70% which means they no longer incur late fees or utility service interruptions. And they’re saving over $6,000 annually by simply eliminating storage services. Most importantly, when the pandemic hit their AP department was able to immediately work from home because of the inherently remote capabilities that going paperless with DocLink provided. Check out their story, and for more DocLink healthcare successes you can also read about Acumatica customer EngageMED and Microsoft Dynamics GP customer Sta-Home Health & Hospice.

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