Disaster Proof Your Data – Now’s the Time to Go Digital and Consider Cloud So Employees Can Work Efficiently from Anywhere

Whether its a hurricane, earthquake, or pandemic, we all know we need to be prepared for the worst. With disasters becoming a more common occurrence globally, companies specifically are re-evaluating their systems to create a future-proofed resilient infrastructure that can support employees wherever they work, as well as ensure business continuity during future catastrophes.

A recent TechBeacon article detailed the top three things every organization should be doing for the future:

  1. Accelerate you cloud migration plans
  2. Gear up to support an expanded virtual workforce
  3. Get your data right

This is where DocLink excels…helping companies address each of these so you’re ready for any issues that may come your way.

First of all, for everyone to work efficiently from anywhere, you must stop using paper that needs to be physically processed and stored. Now is the time to start your digital transformation, and the first step is to go paperless so your data is accessible 24/7. DocLink provides a digital repository for all your documents so you can capture and store any document from invoices and POs to contracts and employee files. But DocLink is so much more than that – you can search and retrieve these documents on any device and automate and streamline previously manual processes such as invoice approvals with powerful workflow and document processing capabilities. Ultimately, DocLink increases productivity and collaboration and reduced errors by helping you manage the entire lifecycle of your critical documents and data.

As for cloud migration? DocLink is prepared to help you with that too. Cloud computing can be daunting, but with DocLink you have the flexibility to migrate to the cloud at your pace. DocLink can be implemented both on-premise and in the cloud, and offers seamless integrations with both legacy and cloud ERPs. Some customers have found that taking the step to implement DocLink Cloud with their on-premise ERP is a successful strategy, allowing them to start their cloud migration for specific needs. Others are comfortable keeping DocLink on-premise while their company moves their ERP infrastructure to the cloud.

For instance, Microsoft stopped offering significant future technology or capabilities advances for Dynamics GP as they focus on their cloud D365 Business Central offering instead. This a common occurrence in the software world. But our Dynamics GP customers know that DocLink can still work for them on-premise, or in the cloud on D365 when they decide to migrate. Companies can implement DocLink Cloud first and then migrate their ERP, or vice-versa. So whether your organization wants to move everything to cloud ASAP or needs time to make a gradual transition, DocLink can work with your on-prem or cloud ERP, providing you the flexibility with multiple deployment options.

Lastly, with both your data digital and cloud migration in place, the decision to allow your employees the choice and flexibility of where to work can be a simple one. With all your data and documents accessible from anywhere your teams can be as efficient and collaborative as ever!

And who knows when the next catastrophe could hit? Be prepared for anything – accelerate your innovation for your company’s future health. Contact us today to discuss how DocLink can help you get your data right, accelerate you cloud migration plans and gear up to support an expanded virtual workforce.