#AltecGives, Altec

In the Spirit of Giving Thanks, Altec Makes Donations to Local Food Banks

2019 has been a busy year for us at Altec as we continue to successfully grow our document management business.  As the year comes to a close, and as we plan for 2020, it’s an excellent opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and helping others.  We believe giving and sharing good fortune is so important, and our #AltecGives campaign provides a focused effort on this throughout the calendar year.

During the holidays, we particularly like helping local charities to ensure that others, not so fortunate in our communities, can celebrate as well.  Every year our offices in both Laguna Hills, CA and Tacoma, WA host food drives, and our employees jumped at the chance to contribute this year!

Our Tacoma team once again collected and donated food items to the Jackson Street Food Bank.  Senior software engineer Ed Wolfer spends a lot of his time outside of work with this group so it was great to support his charitable works. 

And the Laguna Hills team did an excellent job bringing in supplies for the Orange County Rescue Mission. 

The two offices combined collected almost 800 individual cans, boxes, and bags of food!  It feels so good to know we came together to make significant contributions to each organization to ensure that many of our local families have food on their tables.

We look forward to spending the long weekend celebrating with our families and friends, and possibly kicking off some holiday shopping as well!  From everyone here at Altec, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!