Office Monsters—and How to Keep Them at Bay

It’s Halloween! On this haunted day of tricks, hijinks and scary movies, it’s only natural for you to think about the dreaded monsters of your workplace. After all, nothing chills the bones quite like knowing that these creatures that have made themselves at home in your office. The monsters? We think you’ll be familiar with them.

Invoice Ghost: This spirit of the dead remains in the realm of the living, forever haunting your workday. Did you really just spill coffee and add another paper to the wastebasket? Doesn’t it seem you can never find old invoices when the auditors come calling? How has that invoice on your coworker’s desk disappeared in just two days? We think you know why. . .

Purchase Order Vampire: This age-old being of lore wants nothing more than to draw your blood. And you know firsthand that the undead bloodsucker is still around—having succeeded at nicking and slitting your precious fingers just last week.

Expense Report Basilisk: The legendary lizard can kill an employee with a single glance. You suspect it may be the reason why your coworker quit last year. Skirting danger each month, you too are acquainted with the beast. In fact, simply thinking about the creature makes you feel faint. Where are your receipts from the big trade show?

Filing Cabinet Ogre: An ugly, oversized creature with great physical strength but little intelligence, your office has a few of these lurking in the corners. Papers filed within are nearly always rearranged in ways that don’t make sense; the bulky drawers stick despite your tough tugs and the entire office agrees that they must be removed. It’s a shame that nobody knows how.

Today may be dark, yet there is light! Your days don’t have to be plagued by these creatures. Nobody’s have to. Altec knows how to repel these spooky monsters, your office’s greatest threat. We even have an excellent, seasoned team ready to help you transform your scare factory to an efficient, productive office! So . . . who you gonna call?