The Hottest Ticket in Town!

An image showing a flowchart with a recommended sequence of courses for DocLink University.

Is it Adele? Or Bruce Springsteen? Well not exactly. But you can guarantee that our customers who attended DocLink University this quarter have become their own DocLink rockstars after attending one of these sold-out training classes!

We always enjoy spending time with our customers, and we were very excited to host our first in-person event in over three years! Our DocLink University courses provide our customers with the opportunity to take their DocLink skills to the next level. We limit class size to ensure all attendees get the help they need, and we take pride in our ability to help them become more efficient and effective with their solutions.

Advanced Admin Training (AAT)

Our highly anticipated in-person AAT course exceeded expectations and received outstanding feedback from attendees. Customers in February flocked from the coldest locations to sunny Southern California for the class. AAT is designed specifically for more seasoned DocLink admins, and attendees receive hands-on training that covers a wide range of topics.

While most participants were eager to learn about OCR, Workflow, and our Web Client, many found Document Types & Properties, Event Manager, and Import Manager to be the most beneficial subjects taught. And, as always, Maintenance & Troubleshooting always provides helpful tips for resolving issues.

When asked about the benefits of the in-person training, instructor, Cathy Champlin, highlighted, “It’s a distraction-free opportunity to really focus on learning. The best part was seeing our ‘seasoned’ DocLink admins share solutions with ‘newbies.’  Everyone benefited from this shared experience, and it really enriched the training curriculum.”   

Angelo Onorato from Daily Management Inc. shared his positive experience and suggested more in-person classes, stating, “I’d love to see more frequent in-person or onsite training offerings.” He also requested approval from his company for additional training or re-training for all employees using the system, which is a powerful testament to the value our training brings to our customers.

Admin 101 Training

Our March DocLink Admin 101 Training was another sold-out success! The virtual course, which spanned three days and 15 hours, is designed specifically for new and non-technical users.

Participants learned valuable skills to help them manage their own system, troubleshoot problems, and maintain their environment with confidence. The course covered a range of important topics, including Workflow, Automation, and Troubleshooting – which were particularly popular among attendees.

Unsurprisingly, customers that attended stated that Workflow was the most beneficial topic for clients, followed closely by Smart Client and DocLink Security. By the end of the training, all participants had a solid understanding of these critical areas and were fully equipped to handle their DocLink responsibilities with ease.

Workflow Training

Our final course for the quarter was also a resounding success! Workflow training, a 5-hour deep dive into DocLink’s configurable workflow capabilities, has consistently been one of our most sought-after courses year after year.

Training on Workflow Configuration and Supervisor were hot topics, as attendees learned how to create and manage their own workflows, a unique and important facet of DocLink.

What’s Next?

All DocLink University classes for the remainder of the year will be virtual, which offers users a convenient way to improve their skills without leaving their offices or homes.

According to Cathy, online learning offers a range of benefits with one of the key advantages being its affordability as no travel is required. And while not in-person, attendees still get the chance to network and learn from their peers since class size is limited to ensure everyone gets ample interaction with the training team.

If you’re unsure about which DocLink course to take – we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, this sequence provides a complete educational experience starting with Admin 101, Workflow, Advanced Admin Training, and Smart Form Toolkit for custom forms. With this sequence, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of DocLink’s capabilities and features.

Don’t wait to enhance your skills- unlock your full potential and become a DocLink pro! Join us at DocLink University’s upcoming Smart Form Toolkit course in April, and Advanced Admin training in May. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step toward becoming a DocLink expert!