The Top 5 Benefits of Attending the Dynamics Community Summit Virtually!

This year, every organization has had to pivot quickly from hosting in-person educational conferences to providing creative online experiences. Even here at Altec we’ve successfully adapted our customer Advanced Admin Training classes to an online format. And the Dynamics Community Summit is no exception. While Summit won’t be the same as meeting in person, it promises to be as effective, efficient, engaging, and educational as possible.

We know this may not be enough to convince you, but attending the Summit remotely this year has some benefits you never could have imagined, so we’ve listed our top 5 below:

You can wear your pajamas. We’ve all gotten pretty comfortable in our athleisure wear these past 6 months, so the idea of putting on business attire, or even pants with buttons and zippers, just sounds wretched.

You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. No more conference food, with Grubhub or Postmates you can eat a different cuisine for every meal!

No more blisters from miles and miles of walking, and you can find a comfortable seat to settle into in your own home.

Showering is optional – but please do brush and floss your teeth as it’s important to your health.

You won’t be bringing home a suitcase stuffed with all the data sheets and knick-knacks you inevitably pickup. I mean really, did you really need another stress ball?

All joking side, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s conference for all the amazing content and information you’ll be able to gather, all in one spot. And the best part is that Altec will be there. You can visit our booth and see a DocLink demo, and attend one of our sessions.

So get your bunny slippers on and your favorite food delivery app open so you can join us at Dynamics Community Summit to learn how DocLink can help you eliminate paper and automate your manual and tedious processes. DocLink ensures your teams can effectively do their jobs from wherever they work.

And when you register use our special promo code PRPAltec to save 10%.

We hope to see you there!