Altec Hosts Another Sold-Out Virtual Customer Training Class

The old adage, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” has definitely been proven accurate as Altec successfully hosted another Advanced Admin Training session virtually last week.

DocLink customers have been taking advantage of the opportunity to become power DocLink users from the comfort of their offices and homes. Teaching to another sold-out classroom, our experienced DocLink trainers Cathy Champlin, Support Manager, and John Claiborne, Software Developer, instructed customers on the many powerful facets of DocLink. The 5-day, 22-hour course covered a variety of topics including ERM capture, import and output managers, auditing, security and workflow. DocLink’s remote capabilities also continue to be high on customers’ lists to learn about. 

One of the most significant benefits of the virtual session continues to be our use of a cloud environment for the classroom. Cathy and John were able to provide live troubleshooting, with the ability to log on remotely into customers’ sites. Other customers then got the opportunity to see and learn from their real-world situations.

Jessica Quintanilla, Altec’s Director of Professional Services stated, “I was helping a customer offline and their situation aligned with what was being discussed during one of the Q&A sessions so both of us joined the Q&A on the fly so that our troubleshooting and dialog could become a real-time learning opportunity. This online learning venue that we’ve created has proven to be an easy and inexpensive way for our customers to receive extended training on DocLink that can help them go beyond the basics. Folks just aren’t able to travel the way they used to, so we’ve adapted accordingly.”

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a DocLink AAT training session, don’t miss out! Register today before spots run out for our last 2020 class (virtual) November 9-13.