Will Remote Work Be Your New Norm?

While many workers around the world continue working remotely, most companies are having to strategize about how their future work environments look. Will everyone be heading back to the office? Or will they continue working remotely?

The general consensus by many is that our new normal will consist of a fluid mix of in-person and remote collaboration. A recent Forbes article confirms this, stating 67% of IT decision makers expected “expanded or universal WFH policies” to remain in place long term or permanently.

Furthermore, a recent Harris Poll survey stated that 82% of managers expect to have more flexible work from home policies post-pandemic. More broadly, 71% of the employees and managers reported a desire to continue working from home at least part-time.

So how can companies support a flexible workforce in the long haul? The most obvious answer is by making a digital transformation. As digital technologies become the norm, adopting and managing digital technologies will be critical for remaining competitive in the future.

In a recent Boston Consulting Group survey, 75% of executives agreed that they regard digital transformation as becoming more urgent in light of the COVID-19 crisis, and 65% said that they anticipate increasing their investments in digital transformation.

The most fundamental step a company can take towards becoming a digital business is first to eliminate paper. You simply cannot, long-term, provide your flexible workforce with access to the data they need to do their jobs efficiently without going paperless.

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