Why Chocolate Can Be Dangerous But Going Paperless Is Not!

Do you want a good laugh? I Love Lucy never fails. You know, the TV show with the wacky redhead named Lucy Ricardo? The first episode aired on this day in 1951 (October 15th), which is now known as National I Love Lucy Day. And can you believe that the show’s 180 episodes have aired in 44 countries and are still re-running all over the world? It’s the only show in television history that has never stopped broadcasting.

For those of you interested in the technical aspects, I Love Lucy is the first scripted TV program to be shot in 35mm in front of a live studio audience, so the laughs you hear were real! They used 3 camera angles, and it was filmed in Hollywood, CA, airing on CBS.

Everyone’s favorite episode “Job Switching” aka “The Candy Factory”, made us think of today’s paper laden office…I know, seems farfetched but stay with us on this.  Ricky and Fred thought that housework was much easier than earning money. Of course, Lucy and Ethel felt the total opposite, so they decided to switch roles. The guys took over the care of their homes while the ladies got a job at a candy factory wrapping chocolates off a conveyor belt. Naturally, mayhem and hilarity ensued!

But it’s not funny in correlation to how much paper businesses today have to manage. As with any company, you rely on your data to do your job. Maybe it starts out in small amounts, but as your company grows, the amount of paper and documents you deal with – daily, monthly, yearly – multiplies exponentially. 

If you remember, Lucy and Ethel find themselves battling against a speedy conveyor belt of chocolates. The candy started coming through at an easy pace, but the belt speeds up and the pieces double in volume. They can’t keep up as it gets faster and faster and also with the added stress from their boss who said, “If one piece gets past you and into the packing room unwrapped, you’re fired,” warned the forewoman. So, Lucy and Ethel start doing anything they can to stave off the chocolate from passing them, including stuffing them into their cook’s caps, shirts and in desperation stuffing them into their mouths!

We know it can feel that way in your daily work – do you feel out of control and don’t know to manage all the documents in your department? What if your boss asks you to retrieve a particular document or invoice?  Are you able to easily locate it or know if it has been approved for payment?  Do you know who touched it last?

Don’t be like Lucy and Ethel who just threw it into their hats – or in your case, your filing cabinets – because you need to be able to easily locate and find your important documents later.

If you want to avoid the stress of document management, let DocLink help you get control your data and files today.

  • Centralize storage, management, and access of your documents
  • Use OCR to minimize data entry and automate 3-way matching
  • Eliminate manual processes with robust workflow capabilities 
  • Expedite signing with DocuSign integration
  • Easily access your documents using powerful search and retrieval
  • Automate and package the delivery of your documents to your customers or vendors

Our document management and process automation solution DocLink can help you with all this and more… and you’ll benefit from time, costs, and labor savings in the process. That’s no laughing matter. In today’s business environment, embracing digital transformation and going paperless is critical to enable you and your teams to be as effective as possible, whether they’re working in the office or remotely.

Learn from Lucy and Ethel and don’t wait until your work overwhelms you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find time to savor and enjoy your chocolate instead of just gobbling it all down!

And do you remember what was happening at home with Ricky and Fred? “How much rice do you think we should use for four people?” – “How does one pound per person sound?”  Yikes! This is a hilarious, gut-busting episode.  Celebrate I Love Lucy Day by watching your favorite episode, or introducing your kids to this classic!

Here are some places where you can watch I Love Lucy now: