What is Beyond AP? How DocLink Uniquely Helps You Manage Everything In HR, Sales, Legal And More

Do you wonder what we mean by beyond when you read about how DocLink helps you go paperless and automate processes in AP and beyond? We’re definitely not referring to the terrible horror movie from 2014 where the characters struggle to survive after humans have been decimated by attacks from an alien spacecraft. DocLink’s beyond is more like the store Bed, Bath & Beyond, which allowed customers to shop and furnish any room in their homes, beyond bedrooms and bathrooms into kitchens, garages, family spaces, bedrooms, etc.

Beyond AP is an important and unique benefit of DocLink, enabling companies to make a digital transformation in ANY department. Many other document management solutions have the ability to help you go paperless in AP. But why just stop there? Why invest your time and money implementing and learning a solution that only solves efficiency issues in one area of your company?

Every department – from Accounting and HR, to Sales and Legal – can benefit from DocLink. Going digital in accounts payable means no more filing cabinets filled with paper, faster approvals, quick and easy access to data and reduced manual data entry. AP can automate invoice processing, credit card reconciliations, audit preparations, expense report processing and more. In HR, DocLink can bring greater control, visibility and security of employee documents, securely storing personnel files and managing employee processes from hire to departure. And in Sales, DocLink can speed the process of receiving and processing orders by helping you manage everything from the initial receipt of a customer purchase order to the signed proof of delivery.

As for legal, let’s go into detail using this department as an example.

Your business relies on contracts – with customers, suppliers, partners and more. Your legal department’s challenges with accessing, processing and managing their documents are practically identical to that of the accounts payable department – approvals, process inefficiencies and compliance issues plague them. Missed milestones can lead to fees, penalties, and loss of favorable terms, and incomplete and inconsistent contracts can become compliance, audit and litigation risks.

DocLink provides so many benefits for contract management, allowing legal to manage the entire lifecycle of each and every contract. With DocLink you can:

Store Executed Contracts – DocLink safeguards your vital records electronically with its secure and accessible repository.

Manage All Your Contracts – DocLink’s automated and trackable workflows ensure important deadlines aren’t missed and approvals are received in a timely fashion. You can route contracts for review, and when the final contract is approved, it can be sent out for signing. Then signed copies can automatically be distributed to all required parties. Every step is captured and stored for a full audit trail. DocLink also allows you to track the retention period of a contract with the ability to set up alerts when the contract is going to expire, which is important if a contract is on automatic renewal and you don’t want to continue the contract.

Search All Your Contracts – Easy and fast accessibility to your contracts is a necessity, and DocLink provides you with Full-text Search capabilities. This means you can find exact phrases or any word on any type of document from word processing to spreadsheets to PDFs. This can be a lifesaver when trying to find one contract in a sea of thousands.

Access All Your Contracts – By taking everything digital, DocLink allows you to access, view, edit and approve contracts from anywhere, on any device. DocLink’s inherent remote capabilities allow you to keep your business moving, no matter where your team is working. 

Manage All Versions of Your Contracts – DocLink offers version control capabilities with check out and check in availability, ensuring that multiple people aren’t working on the same contract at the same time and that all edits/comments are captured. 

Sign Your Contracts – DocLink is integrated with electronic signature solution DocuSign which allows you to sign documents from anywhere. When all signatures and reviews have been completed, DocuSign notifies DocLink that the process has been completed and DocLink downloads the document and the certificate of completion.

As you can see, DocLink isn’t just a powerful AP solution, it can help you automate and streamline processes BEYOND AP by helping legal manage the generation, automation, management and storage of all their contracts.

If you want to learn more about how DocLink can help your company in AP and beyond, this quick video can help explain it more. You can also contact us to schedule a discussion and demo.