Unlock the Full Potential of DocLink: Your Path to Greater Efficiency Starts Here 

We know that organizations across all sectors are constantly in pursuit of ways to streamline operations, reduce expenses, and amplify productivity. DocLink users inherently benefit from its powerful capabilities, but there’s always room to unearth additional avenues for maximizing its potential. 

That’s why we’re excited to offer our valued customers the opportunity to embark on a journey toward efficiency with our FREE Health Check and Business Process Review services. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking guidance on your next steps with DocLink, a seasoned user contemplating a transition to the cloud, or eager to explore additional modules and capabilities for optimal efficiency, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Understanding the Difference 

Our free Health Check is a comprehensive 2-hour session designed to validate where our clients stand, address any issues they’re encountering, and explore opportunities to expand their utilization of DocLink. Led by your dedicated Customer Account Manager (CAM), this virtual session allows us to delve into your specific pain points, understand your needs, and tailor solutions accordingly. Together, we’ll build an agenda focused on your priorities, ensuring that our time together is productive and impactful. If process improvements are identified during the session, they will be recommended for later scoped efforts, providing a roadmap for future enhancements. 

For those seeking a more in-depth analysis and active enhancements, our Business Process Review is the ideal option, and often results following the Health Check. This paid engagement typically lasts 4-8 hours and is billed hourly. Led by one of our Professional Services or Sales Engineering team members, this review can be conducted either virtually or onsite, though we highly recommend the latter for maximum benefit. During this session, we delve into troubleshooting and optimizing your existing processes with DocLink. From modifying current workflows to identifying additional opportunities for streamlining, our experts work closely with your team to implement changes in real-time or recommend them for later scoped efforts. 

Getting Started 

Getting a free Health Check is simple – just contact your CAM to schedule the session! We’ll work with you to identify the specific issues you’re encountering with your current processes, taking stock of any challenges hindering your efficiency or productivity.  

Once these issues are identified, the next step is to schedule a meeting to finalize the agenda and determine the participants for the Health Check session. This ensures that our time together is focused and productive, addressing your priorities effectively.  

Following the Health Check, we’ll provide a comprehensive recap, summarizing the findings and outlining the next steps to move forward. Based on the results of this session, you’ll have the option to proceed with a formal Business Process Review, delving deeper into active enhancements, or opt for a detailed Statement of Work to execute on the identified opportunities. 

Harnessing the full potential of your DocLink solution is essential for staying competitive. With our free Health Check and Business Process Review services, we’re committed to helping you unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and success.  

Contact your CAM today to schedule your complimentary Health Check and take the first step toward optimizing your DocLink experience. Your journey to streamlined operations starts here.