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Document Management Impresses at BAASS Connect — Caribbean

PC: BAASS Business Solutions Inc.

The final week of May, Altec had the opportunity to sponsor BAASS Connect — Caribbean. The BAASS Business Solutions Inc. conference took place in two locations: Nassau, Bahamas on May 24th and Christ Church, Barbados on May 26th. It focused on creating awareness around technologies to empower businesses to solve challenges and grow by showcasing real-world stories.

As a sponsor, Altec highlighted some real-life stories of our own, sharing how DocLink (also branded Sage Document Management) solves common office issues such as inefficient workflow, unnecessary costs and lack of security. With DocLink, Sage users store all files in a secure electronic repository where documents can be easily accessed, shared and routed through workflow — from any device.

After the events, attendees were surveyed on how likely they were to refer each presentation topic to their coworkers, and Altec received the highest score at both locations! Many attendees divulged to Altec Sales Director Patrick Nguyen that they had never even looked at integrated document management solutions. Now, with the many benefits of going paperless illuminated, they left the event excited to learn more and improve their business performance.

The high demand for document management is unmistakable in businesses — no matter their location! We are privileged to have talked about going paperless with BAASS Business Solutions Inc., their customers and other sponsors. Thank you!