Looking Back: InterDyn BMI’s Golf Outing Was a Hit!

Ryan Talsma (InterDyn BMI), Curt Hixson (Altec), Brian Dewulf & Bill Varon (InterDyn BMI)

It’s true: we admit that we’ve golfed on the job. Last week, Altec joined our partner InterDyn BMI, their customers and other event sponsors at the 14th annual InterDyn BMI Golf Outing in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  A longstanding tradition amongst their team members, we are proud to have taken part the past few years.

Getting out of the office to spend time with leading partners such as InterDyn BMI is always a treat. We even talked business, discussing “going green” while on the green. After all, the need to streamline and expedite business processes is universal; document management is in high demand.

We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our partner in person and look forward to shared successes in the future. Thank you!