Altec Highlighted Customers During Sessions at Community Summit Last Week

There was a lot that was different about last week’s Dynamics Community Summit since everyone was virtual. It wasn’t quite the same as seeing everyone in person (although having our pets hang out with us during sessions was a plus!), but the content was richer than ever, receiving rave reviews on the Dynamic Communities Twitter throughout the event. Our sessions were no exception with Altec team members and DocLink customers bringing their A-games to the event!

Wednesday’s presentation, Transitioning to a Paperless Environment with AP Automation, was hosted by Sales Director Curt Hixson. Following a brief DocLink introduction, most of the session focused on an in-depth Q&A with DocLink customers Damuth Trane (energy services) and Shumate Mechanical (HVAC contractor). Both companies did an excellent job detailing for attendees the pain points they originally had, and how they are leveraging and using DocLink in AP to solve those business challenges, and benefit from:

  • Regained office space by eliminating filing cabinets.
  • Reduced the time needed to complete month end financials.
  • Electronic submission of expense reports and automated workflow to supervisors & AP.
  • Greater document visibility and accessibility by everyone from the CFO to project managers.
  • Easy document access from a computer or mobile device including AP invoices, AR invoices, contracts, customer PO’s, etc.

In addition, Damuth detailed how they extended DocLink into HR, including creating and monitoring a workflow for resumes to ensure they don’t lose excellent candidates to slow responses. Curt commented, “Many of our customers, after maximizing DocLink in AP, enthusiastically look for ways to use these powerful document management and process automation capabilities in other departments. DocLink is truly a solution that can impact so many areas inside an organization.”

In this vein, Thursday’s presentation complemented Wednesday’s session perfectly, with Sales Director Patrick Nguyen moderating another customer panel, Your Business Depends on Going Paperless – Automate Processes in EVERY Department. DocLink customers Joffrey’s (consumer retail) and McKenney’s (mechanical construction) expertly detailed for attendees how they’ve maximized DocLink throughout their organizations. Joffrey’s story was unique, starting with DocLink for sales order automation and is now planning to utilize its capabilities in AP and other departments. McKenney’s implemented DocLink in a more typical fashion starting in AP, but soon expanded to AR, HR, Sales, Service, and more. DocLink has been instrumental for Joffrey’s, enabling them to improve inventory control by automating their production and assembly of finished goods. McKenney’s has also experienced significant benefits with their ability get as close to paperless as possible across multiple departments.

During both sessions, an overlying theme was DocLink’s inherent remote capabilities. Both Damuth Trane and McKenney’s commented how easily they transitioned their employees to work from home earlier this year. By enabling companies to create electronic routing workflows and allowing employees to access, review, and approve documents from anywhere, DocLink has been essential during the pandemic. Patrick stated, “McKenney’s was able to transition 100% of the company to working remotely almost instantaneously – they commented that they practically snapped their fingers and it was done. And everyone continues to successfully work remote today. It’s made it very easy for them to maintain their business during this unprecedented time.”

Altec is also very proud to be sponsoring this year’s Dynamic Communities virtual DeFacto 5K supporting Rise Against Hunger. This virtual event kicked off last week during the Summit, and is ‘running’ through October 31st. With 100% of the proceeds being donated to this charity, we encourage everyone to sign up and run your own race with us!

Make sure to put the next Community Summit on your calendar – it’s scheduled for October 2021 in Houston. But you don’t have to wait until then to see us. Check out our new “Why DocLink” video launched at the event last week. You can also contact us to discuss how you and your company can get amazing results with DocLink and possibly participate on one of our customer success panels next year!