Thinking About Going Paperless? Look at the Numbers!

The Association for Information and Image Management’s (AIIM) most recent report is out, and life in the paperless workplace looks good! 60% of organizations that have gone paperless witnessed ROI on their paper-free investments within just 12 months, and 77% of organizations have seen ROI in only 18 months.


Document management users experience benefits across a broad spectrum of departments and industries: this study’s respondents list faster responses to customers and higher productivity as the greatest, with improved remote and mobile availability listed next.

With statistics like these, what is holding you back from seriously looking into integrated document management? AIIM’s report discovered a general lack of understanding regarding paper-free options among respondents. If you too would like to learn more, we can help! Get in touch with us at to learn how going paperless will allow you to work leaner, faster and more effectively.

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February 12, 2015 at 4:03 am, A New Office Romance (with Document Management) | doc-link Digest: Altec's blog said:

[…] management is your perfect match when it comes to fulfilling those criteria. 77% of organizations have seen ROI on their paper-free projects within 18 months, making the move towards paperless life a smart one. […]