Overcoming Budget Limitations

When you are finally ready to propose a new solution to your company, the biggest roadblock you will probably encounter will be your budget. If your company only has a specific amount to invest into a document management solution, for example, your decision-makers might consider settling for the least expensive option on the market (which may end up causing more problems than solving them in the long run). We often meet people who commit to the cheapest option but then find that it doesn’t meet their needs and they have to buy a replacement. This is an extremely expensive mistake to make.

Instead, carefully review all of your options with your software partner whose goal is to steer you in the right direction. Discuss multiple payment options that will work with your budget. You can afford the best possible solution—you may just have to get creative.

We talk a lot about the strong return on investment that DocLink provides based on reducing costs associated with printing, storing and routing paper documents. By the time you are at the decision-making stage, you should have a very clear understanding of where the cost savings will come in for your company and what type of ROI you can expect. By aligning your financing option with your ROI description, you will be able to see how you can save money and pay for the solution simultaneously. This makes the whole investment much easier to pitch and usually provides a compelling reason to purchase sooner rather than later.

Make sure you are considering all the possible ways to afford the solution that is the absolute best fit for your organizational needs. Not everyone wants to finance but evaluating this alternative has proven useful for many businesses looking to go paperless, especially those that feel confined by their budget.  

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