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Customers Increase DocLink Know-How at May Training

Last week, 12  of our customers from across North America attended our DocLink Advanced Administrator Training at Brandman University. Our program helps users increase their product knowledge, go beyond day-to-day functions and learn how to use DocLink to its fullest.  Karen Reid, CFO of The Charlton & Hill Group said our trainers provided “great troubleshooting tips for back at the office.”

Our DocLink Advanced Administrator Training is four days of immersive and interactive instruction led by Cathy Champlin, Customer Support Manager, and John Claiborne, Senior Consultant. Curriculum was created by both Altec’s professional services and customer service teams and designed with customer feedback in mind. Attendees came from all types of roles ranging from Accounting Assistants to Controllers to CFOs.

Day One opened with fundamentals and covered spanning topics such as auditing and security. Our customers joined us that evening at the welcome reception held at the Altec headquarters to further chat with the Altec professional services team. On the second day, the trainers covered key DocLink features such as our robust Smart Form Toolkit, workflow automation and event manager configuration.

The third and fourth days pushed forward with in-depth training on important configurations for automation, ERM capture, Output Manager, Import Manager and Web Client. We were excited at how engaged our customers were, and the hands-on exercises led by Cathy and John in between informational presentations kept interest high while giving users the ability to practice on VMs.

Overall, the training proved well-received, and we were confident that our users left with increased knowledge, a sense of community with their peers and additional resources from the Altec team. Colleen Will, AP Administrator at Wilmington University, said it “was a wonderful training session, very informative. [The] Altec staff were wonderful and gracious as usual. What a great team you have!”

If you’re a customer and want to expand your DocLink knowledge, be sure to join us for our next DocLink Advanced Administrator Training on July 18th – 21st. We host at least one every quarter. Click here for more information.