Peekaboo: A New Altec Look for You!

You might have noticed these past few days that all things Altec and DocLink have taken on a different face and feel. It’s all part of our ongoing rebranding strategy! To better align the overall company image with our constant commitment to an evolving global product strategy, we’ve worked to best represent who Altec is while maintaining the world-class legacy we’ve brought to our customers and partners. It was time to take the leap and outfit ourselves with a modern feel.

In addition to the visual change, we’ve also launched a brand new website with more attention paid to how people tend to find us when they are looking for solutions to their business problems. Navigate through the common issues our customers face by exploring solutions by department, role, and even industry. Explore the different products we offer and how those can expand to meet your needs as well. Read about the wonderful successes we’ve been able to help our customers achieve with DocLink. Tell us what you think while you peruse the pages, and if there are questions still left unanswered after your visit, let us know what those are! It is an evolving process to get our site to fit all of your needs as best possible.

With the rebranding strategy comes an updated product tagline of “Any Document, Any Process, Anywhere” as well as a shift from the doc-link nomenclature to “DocLink,” refreshed with a new logo as well. Doclink’s architectural enhancements and mobile solutions address the needs of today’s dynamic workforce that demands access to data and documents anywhere they work, and we feel the new look represents the link that the product makes between documents and data, people and processes, and Altec and users.

Our rebranded corporate logo integrates the company’s 30+ year legacy and marketplace recognition into a modern design by reusing the three-stripe visual element, pointing to origins with paper forms, the shift in 2000 to workflow-driven document management, and newly defined three corporate tenets of Authenticity, Betterment, and Community.

“Over the years our customers, partners, and staff propel us forward, demanding we continue to evolve our business to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. We are proud to have secured our position as an industry leader over the years yet remain committed to growth and delivering market-leading solutions for our customers and partners. Our new company brand exemplifies the ongoing commitment and strong, personal relationships that Altec has with our users, partners, and team,” said Mark Ford, CEO of Altec. “We look forward to using these changes as a platform to better serve our existing and future customers and take our company to the next level.”

For more, read the press release here.