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Remote Work Drives DocLink Customers to Our 2nd Online Training Last Week

Following an overwhelmingly successful first virtual training in May, Altec hosted its 2nd online DocLink Advanced Admin Training (AAT) session last week! Teaching to another sold-out classroom, our experienced DocLink trainers Cathy Champlin, Support Manager, and John Claiborne, Software Developer, instructed customers on the many powerful facets of DocLink. The 5-day, 22-hour course  covered a variety of topics including ERM capture, import and output managers, auditing, security and workflow, which provided attendees with the tools they need to get the most out of the solution.

One of the most significant benefits of the virtual session was the use of a cloud environment for the classroom. Cathy and John were able to provide live troubleshooting, with the ability to log on remotely into customers’ sites. Other customers then got the opportunity to see and learn from their real-world situations.

The hot topic throughout the week was DocLink’s remote capabilities. During networking and Q&A discussions scheduled before and after class, attendees shared many of their experiences during the pandemic. One customer relayed that many staffers at his company were resistant to learning DocLink’s web client, but were ‘busting down the door to get it’ once Covid-19 hit. For instance, many of the attendees had never experienced the DocLink mobile client and the online cloud environment allowed them to play around with it and see the benefits first-hand.

The Altec team also hosted a virtual happy hour to wrap up the first day. Jessica Quintanilla, Altec’s Director of Professional Services said, “It was really interesting to hear how our customers are handling the pandemic professionally and personally. Covid-19 is something everyone has been impacted by, and our Happy Hour conversation was particularly funny. Several of us shared our embarrassing work-from-home stories, and as if on-queue, my son barged in during our call! Cathy and John enjoy teaching our customers more about DocLink during these classes, but we also enjoy getting to know them better personally, and it was refreshing to hear we share a lot of the same experiences working remotely.”

Jessica continued, “Customers are really enthusiastic about the availability of this online course. It’s an easy and inexpensive way for them to receive extended training on DocLink that can help them go beyond the basics. Folks just aren’t able to travel the way they used to, so we’ve adapted accordingly – all of our remaining AAT classes this year will be online.”

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this virtual training session, don’t miss out! Register today before spots run out for one of our remaining 2020 virtual DocLink classes in September and November.