You Lost an Hour…But Learn How You Can Gain Many More

Falling back an hour every year in October is an adjustment, but why does Daylight Savings Time in the spring wreak such havoc on us?  Research has shown that in general, “losing” an hour in the spring is more difficult to adjust to than “gaining” an hour in the fall.  And according to neurologist and sleep expert Tina Waters, MD, it can take the body up to a week or more to adjust.  The Cleveland Clinic suggests four steps to help you adjust during these time changes.

But what about all the time you lose managing your data?  A manual document management process typically costs your company a lot of lost time.  Research shows that approximately 20% of employees’ time is spent looking for information.  And according to a McKinsey report, employees spend too much time looking for information – on average 1.8 hours every day, 9.3 hours every week.  Also a global survey of workers and IT professionals by IDC revealed document challenges account for 21.3% productivity loss.   

While it seems like a little thing – employees unable to locate the documents they need, when they need them – it can add up to BIG losses in productivity and cost your company considerably.  Don’t waste anymore unnecessary time managing your data…DocLink can help you take everything digital by enabling you to go paperless in every department! 

As an industry-leading document management and process automation solution, DocLink enables companies to digitally transform their operations, improving productivity and ultimately save significant time and money.  By eliminating paper, DocLink’s document management capabilities fully utilize and enhance any ERP solution, enabling documents to be created, processed, viewed and approved by anyone on any device.  Fundamentally, DocLink streamlines any business process in any department – accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, legal, and across the entire enterprise – providing improved visibility and control to the entire document lifecycle. 

Gartner, Inc. estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction by implementing a document management system.  And an IDC study has shown a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% for document management implementations – half of the organizations surveyed had a payback as early as six months.

Make sure that the only time you are losing is that hour in spring from Daylight Savings Time.  Take the first step in making a digital transformation to ensure that your company can:

  • Get the right content to the right people at the right time. 
  • Automate everyday processes in every department. 
  • Unshackle your employees from the roadblocks that keep them from getting their jobs done.

Check out our recent video on digital transformation and contact us for more information or a demo.