Don’t Take Our Word on Document Management: Take Theirs

If your company is thinking about going paperless or is evaluating just how you’ll do it, don’t forget about the customers who have already gone through with the transition! Testimonials with a face, from customers who once suffered the same paper pains as you, might provide the answers that numbers and statistics cannot.

Do you have coworkers or a boss who are unsure about integrated document management? Watch success story videos together or read the tales on paper. One document management customer recently compared working without the software to “taking your computer away and going back to handwritten ledgers—it wouldn’t be feasible!” We know of another company that had issues with losing papers, thus preventing work orders from making it into their system. Now, with document management, the organization has 1.5 million documents (that they didn’t have to file!) available instantly with the click of a mouse or tap of a phone screen.

Maybe you know you want to go paperless but haven’t decided which company offers the best solution for you. Take advantage of your opportunity to talk with current users of different software. Ask the document management vendors for reference calls, testimonials or information on companies that were once burdened by the same paper issues as you.

Turning to companies that have already found their answer can help you find yours! To read some of our customer success stories, click here, and for our latest video testimonials, watch along here.