A New Office Romance (with Document Management)

Paper may be stuck on your company, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck on paper. After all, rumor has it you’ve got a new fan around the office, and it just might be time to move on. Necco Sweethearts® stopped printing their now infamous “FAX ME” candy hearts after the 1990s. “DIG ME” is long gone. You too can move forward with the times and embrace something new.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend this Friday with a valentine that caters to your needs, doesn’t make you wait and even gives back?

Document management is your perfect match when it comes to fulfilling those criteria. 77% of organizations have seen ROI on their paper-free projects within 18 months, making the move towards paperless life a smart one. Now, consider these 5 messages from document management—your not-so-secret admirer—and let us know if they’ve got you intrigued.

It’s like I was made for you (I am tailored to your ERP software) 

Our love will stand the test of time 

Valentine, we’re so in sync 

Your search for love—and files—is over 

I’m here to stay (as are your documents, regardless of company changes or even natural disasters) 

Scared of the unknown? Remember that you don’t have to jump head-on into a relationship just yet. Spend some time getting to know how document management will work with you and your company. Check out these upcoming informational webinars, or let us know if you have any questions.

Altec does have a slew of talented matchmakers with impressive track records (see our document management success stories here), and we are happy to work on your behalf to set you up. Trust us when we say this is one office romance destined to last!