Work Smarter (Not Harder) with Document Management

The year is nearly halfway through. Have you and your company been reaching weekly, monthly, quarterly goals? If not, the solution might not be working harder. Instead, consider how you can work smarter.

An organization can spend countless diligent hours at work, but outdated business processes might stifle success. Passion and motivation are not enough to offset barriers from inefficient processes. To work smarter is to identify those inefficiencies and enact change. Implementing solutions that will increase productivity can have a greater organizational impact than simply “working harder.”

One way to work smarter? Go paperless.

An integrated document management system eliminates all that time wasted scanning, copying, printing, filing and searching for documents. Money is no longer misused shipping files across the country, storing documents off-site and paying clerks to do unnecessary manual data entry. Early-pay discounts are not missed and customers and vendors are kept happy. As common business bottlenecks – such as the approval process of AP invoices – are removed, processes are made faster, cheaper and more efficient. When businesses grow as a result, organizations are not burdened; they continue that success.

One Altec customer recalls spending “two hours per week just filing paper.” Those many hours were surely hard work, but they were not smart. With a document management solution in place, this company has now increased productivity and reallocated employee hours in the day to smarter tasks, witnessing unparalleled growth.

Are you ready to work smarter too? Let us know.