Viva Las Vegas and Acumatica Summit 2022!

The Altec team once again descended on Las Vegas last week for Acumatica Summit, and the event was an excellent opportunity to meet with customers, partners and prospects in-person!

The Summit kicked off with the keynote led by CEO Jon Raskill who highlighted Acumatica’s day-one goal as a company that helps organizations navigate through their digital transformation journeys. We found his comments validating as they strongly align with Altec’s goals in delivering capabilities that can help customers go digital to automate and streamline processes across the enterprise.

As Jon stated, digital transformation isn’t just one and done, no one can wave a magic wand and poof – it’s complete! Digital transformation is a continuum as innovations and business requirements change and grow. The secret sauce is business agility – not just to react and recover at what’s thrown at you, but to proactively respond by taking advantage of opportunities laid out in front of us. Preparations are required to challenge the status quo, but the Acumatica ecosystem, including Altec, provide the tools to help companies improve their business by pushing and innovating.

Additionally, Jon briefly mentioned an Acumatica partnership with Adobe for Adobe markup, version control and eSign, further demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between our two solutions. DocLink excels in utilizing Adobe’s capabilities to uniquely extend the power of Acumatica so that all departments – from Accounting and HR, to Sales and Legal – can manage their documents effectively.

For instance, going digital with DocLink enables legal departments to manage contracts efficiently with document check out/check in, version control, and full text searching, as well as the ability to edit and share docs back and forth internally. DocLink also speeds the sales order process of receiving and processing orders by helping you manage everything from the initial receipt of a customer purchase order to the signed proof of delivery.

When it came to the exhibit floor, attendees took Jon’s words about agility to heart, as our booth was consistently busy with customers wanting to learn more about how DocLink can extend Acumatica’s capabilities to increase their own agility. We also met many current and potential partners who were excited to find out how DocLink can help their customers in the same manner. Our conversations mostly centered around DocLink’s enterprise capabilities to streamline workflows and distribution for AP, HR, contracts, sales order processing and more.

One of the highlights in our booth was our prize giveaway. Attendees simply had to participate in a DocLink demo to be entered into our drawing to win a virtual reality Oculus system! Two Oculus systems were awarded (in the above pictures), one each exhibit day, but everyone who participated left a winner after learning how DocLink can help their business.

Also, a huge congratulations to DocLink user Green Bay Packaging for winning Acumatica’s Customer of the Year Award and our our partner Blytheco for being named Acumatica’s Partner of the Year! We are proud to be working with both of them, such well-deserved and distinguished honors!

We enjoyed our time at Summit, it was great meeting with partners and prospects and creating new connections. We’re already registered to sponsor next year’s event, Jan 29-Feb 3, 2023 in Las Vegas. But don’t wait until then to contact us. We’re here to help you extend your Acumatica solution with capabilities that increase your business agility!