Folders & Sealers

Automate your post-printing processes with our complete line of solutions

We carry products for every step of your post-printing process including folder/sealers, folder/inserters, software, and pressure seal documents.


Ideal for processing any document that can be printed on one sheet of paper, these machines prepare documents for mailing in just two steps.

  1. Forms with pressure sensitive glue are printed through a laser printer
  2. Forms are folded and sealed in the machine, creating a one-piece mailer
Available folder/sealers machines


Ideal for automating the folding and inserting of single or multiple documents into an envelope in a fast, reliable and secure way, these machines collate, fold, insert, and cleanly seal documents professionally. They are capable of storing up to nine jobs in memory.

Available folder/inserters machines
  • FD6102 Up to 5,000 sheets/month
  • FD6204 Up to 15,000 sheets/month
  • FD6304 Up to 40,000 sheets/month
  • FD6404 Up to 60,000 sheets/month

Pressure Seal Forms

Pressure Seal self-mailers are designed to be printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes. It’s a one-piece sheet that, when folded, also becomes the envelope.

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